Hey, y'all. I'm Jess.

I'm a lover of Travel Channel, monstera plants, alpacas (NOT llamas), anything olive green, and Starbucks. I'm an avid collector of rare crystals, and I study energy healing in my free time. When I was 15, I realized my soul belongs close to the ocean, and I swore to myself that one day I will move to the oceanfront and never leave. 2 years ago, Jake and I worked at a restaurant together, and now we're married with a house and babies. We have a daughter, Ava Sophia, and a son, August River... and a third baby on the way! We also have a lab/pit mix named Lucy, named after Lucille Ball.

I like to classify myself as a natural, unposed photographer. My job title is pretty much a "professional third wheel." I live for the authentic moments during our time together. My number one goal is to be able to tell your story with intention, no matter how big or small the moment. All madly-in-love couples and close-knit families (made by blood or by choice) are my jam. No matter what your story is, I want to learn about it and get to know you! So let's meet up at Noodles and Company, grab a Spicy Peanut Sauté, and chat about your special day!

Fredericksburg Richmond Virginia Wedding & Portrait Photographer: Jessica Seyfried Photography

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Fredericksburg & Richmond DMV Virginia Wedding Photographer: Jessica Seyfried Photography